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Juan Jose Arreola was the fourth child of the marriage made by Philip Arreola and Victoria Zúñiga. Born in Mexico in 1918. Between 1926 and 1929 developed his basic studies in his hometown.

In1930 began working as a bookbinder, and began a long series of trades. In 1934 he wrote his first three literary texts. After three years in 1937, settled in Mexico City and enrolled in the School ofFine Arts Theater.

In 1941, while working as a teacher, published his first book, Dream of Christmas. He then worked as a journalist. In 1945 he collaborated with Juan Rulfo and Antonio Alatorre inthe magazine Pan de Guadalajara. He traveled to Paris under the protection of the actor Louis Jouvet. There she met J. L. Barrault and Pierre Renoir. A year later he returned to Mexico.

In 1948,thanks to Antonio Alatorre, found work in the Fondo de Cultura Economica as corrector and author of flaps. He earned a scholarship at the College of Mexico thanks to the intervention of Alfonso Reyes. Hisfirst book of short stories several inventions, appeared in 1949, published by the FCE. In 1950, he began to collaborate in the collection "The Present", and received a grant from the RockefellerFoundation.

Appeared in 1952 which many consider his first masterpiece Confabulario, thanks to which in 1953 received the Award in Literature Jalisco. In 1955 he was awarded the Prize of the Festivalof the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. In 1963 he received the Premio Xavier Villaurrutia came to light another of his major works, the book fair. In 1964 he directed the series "The Unicorn",and started as a professor at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

In 1969, he received recognition Presea part of the Grupo Cultural "José Clemente Orozco," Ciudad Guzman. In 1972 hepublished the edition of Beasts, which completes the series begun in 1958 with Silver Point.

In 1979 he received the National Prize in Literature in Mexico City. Ten years later, won Jalisco Prize in...
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