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England build the biggest world navy ship in the ww1.

“The grand flee, the Germans realized once the early excitement had died down, was simply unconquerable and control of the seawould remain in British hands. Consequently, the German hopes increasingly turned to ‘Unrestricted’ submarine warfare as the decisive weapon, with the High seas fleet carrying out a supporting role.”The British’s build the biggest world navy ship “Grand Fleet” making them the dominators of the sea in the ww1.Tthe effects that this navy did is that the Germans was inverting their money in abetter navy than the British, the Germans get mad when they know that the British possessed a better navy, making this one of the reason that Germans enter to war. England demonstrate that they wantedthe control of the sea, spending their money in this fleet.

In addition the British’s had improve their explosive weapons.

“Our supreme effort must be to gain overwhelming mastery in the air.The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone can provide the means to victory”

The English improve their explosive technology by the bombers, a useful and important weapon in the war. Thebombers were used too by the Triple Alliance against the Triple Entente , the Triple entente reinforced their anti-aircraft in 1918.
The triple Entente countries were prepared for a the war, how thesources says British the most prepared to the war, England dominated the sea , and improve their aircraft technology.

The triple Entente in conclusion was prepared to war, all the countries con theEntente were prepared. British were the most prepared to the war with all their improvisation of army, navy , and explosive weapons. England was the country of the triple Entente with more moneywasted in improvisation on the army. The effects of the improvisation of the weapons technology was that other countries that entered to the war get obsolete by the countries with those technology,...
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