Los Miserables

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Inspector Javert: he’s the chief of the police department in Montreuil hi’s a very rude and nasty man, he did not like Monsieur Madeline.Monsieur Madeline: hi’s the main character of the story, he’s the mayor of Montreuil and owns 2 factories in town; he is very rich and well respected.
The original book Les miserable’sis a very famous noble whiten by Victor Hugo en 1862. The story takes place during the French revolution in the VXIII Century.
Summary chapters 3, 4, 5
In the beginning of chapter 3 Fantine was in anunpleasant situation, she was charged of attacking and because of this she was going to jail for 6 months inspector Javert was the man in charge of the police department in Montreuil just before shewas going to be looked up Monsieur Madeleine interrupted and said “one moment please” he spoke with the inspector and testified that the man was the man who attacked the woman; Fantine was not tohappy with the situation she used to worked in Monsieur Madeleine factory and because she lost her job she became a prostitute Monsieur Madeleine promise he did not know and that he would take care ofall her problems, one of them getting back Cosett. Monsieur Madeleine keep his word, Fantine got very sick and he took care of her often he would go and visit, as part of his promise he would bringback together Cosset and Fantine and so far hi did not have any success he decided to go himself to get the little girl; The day he was getting ready to leave Inspector Javert came in his office askingfor forgives he explained that Monsieur Madeleine look very alike with a criminal Jean Valjean and he did not trust him at all, he then said he could now rest know that Jean was captured not log agoand his trial was going to be the next day. Monsieur Madeleine went to this man trail and after it was finished he stood up and confessed that he was the real Jean Valjean and the other man was...
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