Los niños indigo

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Who Are the Indigo Children?
Indigo children are the next step in our evolution. Up until recently, we have evolved as a biological species which searched for spirituality outside itself. But, alongwith the birth of these new children comes an exciting new evolutionary variation. The Indigo children are born with a biological connection to their own spirituality! They are a bridge to the nextplane of humanity in which it is understood that spirituality is a fundamental human biological attribute. What does this mean? It means that part of what makes humanity tick is the spiritual seedwithin each of us. Even those of us who choose not to acknowledge our own spirituality are still contributing to the overall human experience which is spiritual in nature! The Indigos are simply one stepcloser, biologically, to the God-Self which exists within us and connects us all.
Contrary to much of the publicized information about them, Indigo children are not smarter, happier, more creative,or "better" in any way than children who do not carry the Indigo resonance. In fact, the only trait that can be consistently found in every Indigo child, that which sets him or her apart from others,is a heightened sensitivity to surrounding energies. The Indigo's body is very much like a chemistry experiment. If too much or too little of one ingredient or another is added, the experiment willfail. Practically, this means that when a child (or adult) who carries the Indigo resonance comes into contact with environmental energies that are not matching and supportive, he or she can easily fallout of balance. Imbalance usually takes the form of physical or emotional illness.
There is no checklist of attributes which can be universally applied to test whether or not a child carries theIndigo resonance. The name "Indigo" is derived from observations of biofields. Each of us has an electromagnetic field which surrounds and supports the physical body. Within this field are the various...
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