Los valores encontrados en el popol vuh

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Anthony Elder
 Dr. Lamb
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 February 13, 2010
 Values of the Quiche Maya
 Respect for God and all things animated andnot animated, and humility are some of the values cherished by the Quiche Maya. The Popol Vuh, a book of ancient stories of the Quiche of Guatemala,warns against pride, pride, and arrogance and leads us to humility. In analyzing the stories of the Popol Vuh we understand the values that weremost important to the Maya Quiche.
 The most interesting thing I found in the history of wooden men was that things inanimate, lifelesscharacters, and had taken revenge on the men of wood, along with God and animals. The grinding stones began to speak and said, "We are very tortured, andall morning and all afternoon we are not making us scream rest dejabais joli, joli, Juquiá, Juquiá when grind corn for our sake, and now feel ourstrength, moleremos Flour your flesh and make your bodies. "And the griddles and pots kept saying," Pain and sorrow you gave us. We burn our mouthsand faces blackened always had and always put the fire, we burned and burned and so now I'll burn you. "(Popol 13) The fact that the pots,grinding stones, bowls, griddles, and jars, all these lifeless things, took revenge against the wooden men express the value of the Quiche Maya respectto anything no matter what it was.
 Popol Vuh. Twenty-Third Edition. Mexico, D.F.: Editorial Porrua, SA of C.V., 2004. Print.
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