Lubricantes sinteticos

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UCONALL Lubricants

For Compressors, Drivers, Gears, Anti-wear Hydraulics, Mobile Equipment, and Pumps Product Description UCONALL™ Lubricants 32, 46, 68, 150, 220, 460, and680 comprise a complete line of fully formulated, extreme-pressure lubricants. Formulated to provide excellent lubrication, stability, and extended service life, they eliminate many of the problemscommonly encountered with petroleum lubricants. The result is a series of superior lubricants that can provide a variety of cost savings to users. • • • • • • • • • Benefits • • • • • • • • Widetemperature range operability Highly resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation Excellent viscosity-temperature properties eliminate the need for seasonal changeover High viscosity indexes and low pourpoints provide lower start-up torques and help prevent cold-weather motor overloading Viscosities are unaffected by high rates of shear Excellent lubricity for reduced friction and wear Resistant tosludge and varnish formation Noncorrosive to metal surfaces—stain-resistant to nonferrous metals High flash points Reduced energy consumption. Use of UCONALL lubricants has resulted in documented energysavings of three percent Extended service life. Under heavy-load, high-temperature conditions, UCONALL lubricants have exceeded four years of continuous service with no evidence of lubricantdegradation or loss of performance Less lubricant used, resulting in lower disposal costs Can help reduce maintenance costs Helps reduce wear rates Eliminates sludge and carbonaceous residues Extreme-pressurelubrication without use of chlorine- or sulfur-containing additives High viscosity index ― Eliminates seasonal oil changeovers ― Facilitates cold-weather start-ups ― Eliminates motor overloadingduring start-up Product consolidation: fewer lubricants needed for total facility application Good seal and elastomer compatibility


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