Luca pacioli

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In this days accounting profession it’s an important part into to the enterprises because the accountants make the financial statementshaving the necessary and real information and with all this the chief executive can take decisions like if they need do some investment, reduced costs, etc; but not only the accountants can dostatements so they can do important things in areas like taxes, administration, costs, financing, all about money and numbers.


He was born in Borgo San Sepolcro in 1445, he grew up in apoor family. The young Pacioli had always loved mathematics so that was the reason for why he to started to work as a mathematics teacher. He was a Franciscan Friar because inside at the monastery hecould to do his big dreams like to use books and have a great education

In the year 1470 Pacioli wrote his first manuscript at the age of twenty-five. The book was about algebra.

In 1475,Pacioli became a teacher at the University of Perugia, in his lectures he explained about a big importance in put theory to practical use.

After 1481, Pacioli was beginning to call himself "Magister"this mean master as in this modern days.
In 1494 Pacioli published his famous book Summa of arithmetica, with this book he was to trying to do much better the education in his time. Pacioli was thefirst person to describe double-entry accounting this new system revolutionized economy and business.
The Summa book made Pacioli celebrity and that’s why he is called "The Father of Accounting", hewas invited to Milan to teach mathematics, one of his students was Leonardo Da Vinci they worked together doing two manuscripts, Pacioli taught to Da Vinci perspective and proportionality so Da Vinciwas thankful with Pacioli about all his help and that’s why he always doing mentios about Pacioli many times in his notes.
In 1510, Pacioli was designated director of the Franciscan monastery in...
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