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Dia de muertos – Day of the dead
Dia de muertos or Day of the dead is a Mexican tradition that is celebrated all over the country, the celebration consists in building altars in honor of a personthat has passed away.
Although this tradition may have started since the prehispanic times in Mexico it is not exclusive to this country, many other places often tend to celebrate this holiday like inthe United States or Latin America.
One common misconception is that the Day of the dead is just a Mexican version of Halloween but in reality it is very different.
The altars
One of the mostfamous concepts of Day of the dead is the building of altars, these altars consist in various offerings like:
* The deceased´s favorite typical Mexican food like: Mole, Tamales, Pozole, Beans, Pan demuerto
* Some candy skulls, pumpkin candy and colorfull treats
* Many kinds of fruit
* Various beverages like: Pulque, alcoholic drinks, Atole, water, sodas, coffee, and hot chocolate
*Chipped paper with bright colors
* Images of saints, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ (Yisus Craist).
* A picture of the dead
* At the bottom of the altar a petate of tule or palma is setso candles and sahumerios can be put there in clay containers that are used to burn copal, a kind of aromatic resin that is used instead of incense
There has to be food and beverages so that whenthe tired souls arrive they can enjoy what they liked when they were alive, some families hire musicians or bands and some families pray the rosary
The petals of the typical yellow flower namedcempazuchitl are used to make a path so the spirit of the dead person can find their way back home because of the bright color and strong odor of the flower that is believed to attract the loved one backhome .
It´s believed that the souls of the children come back the 31st of October at noon and return to their resting place at noon the 1st of November at which time the adult souls arrive and...
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