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Malcom: When francis visits us everything is enterteining , Good, alone we see a stupid program, but good it is totally brilliant

Francis: It is totally tedious, there is nothing enterteining todo
Reese: I have chalks we can draw forms of corpses in the wall
Malcom: Not this mom, we can play sandiabolt
Francis: We did it the last time that I came, invent something they want
Malcom: Iincline for it of the corpses

Francis: Good news, the things are going to become very interesting hereabouts
Malcom : That happens
Francis: Forget it .... you like the fights, certainly
Reese: Thefury in the cage
Malcom: Or for god you are the best brother of the world, we go away to entertaining, only there are two tickets
Francis: Correct, and since I am going to be able to decide withwhich of you to go
Malcom: You bought two tickets only to torment ourselves
Francis: Not clear that not, Buy them to see the one who loves me, Buy them to see who good me, that both me want very much,but I bet that someone of you loves me mas that other one.
Reese: Do not forget it, not hare the competition of the back kissing itself, There has to be another form.
Francis: I deal, give me moneyMalcom:capture
Francis: Thank you, you go to the forward, deberias to do a sandwich to me. Please boys she is the fury in the cage, they should be happy
Reese: We are happy
Francis: I do not seethe happy dance
Ambos: Very happy, very happy, this one is the happy dance
Francis: Happier
Ambos : Very happy, very happy, this one is the happy dance
Ambos : Very happy, veryhappy, this one is the happy dance
Francis: dad It eats you give me the car to go home of richie
Papa: Not because when you it return the car always this one dirtily
Francis: Always .. always youimagine bad things of my
Papa:I imagine, see it
Francis: Since you moestrare that already matures if you never give me the opportunity
Papa: ok ..I listen to you
Francis: That such if I wash the car...
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