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To What Extent is Maniac Magee Fact and/or Opinion.
Taking into account the definition of fact is knowledge based on real occurrences, and opinion is a belief or conclusion held with confidence, forme Maniac Magee is fiction mixed up with facts. Jerry Spinelli is writing about real life places and objects but he is exaggerating some abilities people can have. To prove this I will show quotesand reasons.

One of the reasons why I think it has more facts than opinions is when he talks about trolleys. The quote is “ One day his parents […] took the P&W high speed trolley into the city”(spinelli, p.5) I researched about this and found out this interesting things: there are trolleys in Chicago, Guatemala, San Francisco, N.Y. and in many more places, it was invented in 1880, moves overrails, and cables in the air generate its power. With this in mind trolleys are real.

Another example that this book is fiction mix up with facts is Sycamore street. I researched and found out thatis located in Atlanta Georgia is known for its homes, and have historic churches. The quote is “Seven twenty-eight Sycamore […](spinelli, p.13). In conclusion Sycamore Street is a beautiful streetand is located in Atlanta.

The example of fiction is jumping a fence without hands. The quote is “[…] hopped the fence, hopped it without ever laying a hand on it boost himself over”(spinelli, p.18). Three things that I found to proud is fiction are the Olympic high jump record is 2·45 m, the record was made by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba, and a fence is more less 2 m high. Having thisin mind a boy of 12 years old can’t jump a fence without hands.

Finally, this book is definitely a fiction book but the author is adding many facts. My strongest reason to prove my opinion isthe trolleys, because thy mention them many times in the book and I have many reasons that I already mentioned. Even though there are fiction abilities that Jerry Spinelli includes to. In conclusion...
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