Maniac Magee

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• How does Jeffrey become an orphan? His parents took the P & W high-speed trolley into the city. On the way back home, they were in board when the P & W had itsfamous crash, when the motorman was drunk and took the high trestle over the Schuylkill River at six miles an hour, and the whole kaboodle took a swan dive intothe water.

• How did Jeffrey “Maniac” Magee end up in the town of Two Mills? Where does he come from? He ran for about fifty-one weeks, he ran two hundred miles;He came from Bridgeport, where he was born.

• Why is Amanda Beale suspicious of Jeffrey when she first meets him, and why does she tell him that he couldn´tcome to her house to return the book? Because he was in the East End, where the almost all the kids where black; because the East End was only for black people.• What does Maniac do in Finsterwarld backyard? He save a boy called Arnold Jones.

• Describe the Pickwell family. What does Maniac do at their house? Ingeneral Pickwell family (Mrs. Valerie Pickwell, ten children, baby Didi, Grandmother and Grandfather Pickwell, Great-grandfather Pickwell, Mr Pickwell) was alwayshelping out somebody. Maniac came to their house for dinner, and then he left quietly.

• How does Maniac make history at the Little League baseball field?Hebunted the fastfrog that John McNab (the team’s best player) threw with only one hand!

• Why do John McNab and the Cobras start chasing Maniac, and why do they stopchasing him? Because John McNab was angry with Magee because he embarrassed him on the baseball field. Because Maniac crossed from the East End to the West End.
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