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Opinion essay: “Staying in touch”( article for a school magazine)
There are many ways to be in contact with the people we love. For instance, the telephone, cell phones, text messages, mails,and so on. However, many of us do not succeed in staying in touch with friends and relatives. In this piece of work we are going to describe the different ways to communicate with people so that onecan choose the appropriate one.
To start with, the letter is the older way to be in touch with people who is not so close. The letter has many advantages; it is cheap, easy to write and romantic. Youonly need a pen, a sheet of paper and nice things to say to the person you want to contact. In spite of this, people do not write letters so often as in the past.  This is due to the bombardment ofeasier and faster ways to communicate with people.
Secondly, the telephone is one of the most extraordinary inventions to get in touch with people. Many people stop writing letter because they foundeasier to deal a number and speak to anyone they want. Telephones have many positive points to consider. It is fast, you can hear the person’s voice, it is cheap, and it is easy to use. Then againtechnology has brought new inventions that improved the benefits of the telephones.
Thirdly, a few years ago the cell phones was a breakthrough.  Cell phones not only share the same pros that telephonesbut also have new positive points: it is small, portable and wireless. What is more, they came in different size, colours and with lot of appliances. You can listen to music, write text messages ortake photographs with your mobile phone. Nowadays, cell phones are the most used way to be in touch with our friends and relatives but we cannot let aside the Net.
Last but not least, the Internet haschanged the way people get in touch. Through the Net you communicate with people around the world instantly. The Internet has different ways to contact people. For instance, you can write a mail,...
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