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Chapter 1 Product Introduction 1

1.1 Package Contents 1
1.2 LED Indicators and Port Description 1

Chapter 2 Product Installation 4

Chapter 3 How to configure to access the Internet 6

3.1 How to Set the Network Configurations 6
3.2 Log in to the Router 11
3.3 Fast Internet Access 12
3.4 Fast Encryption 13Chapter 4 Advanced Settings 14

4.1 System Status 14
4.2 WAN Settings 15
4.3 LAN Settings 19
4.4 DNS Settings 19
4.5 WAN Medium Type 20
4.6 Bandwidth Control 21
4.7 Traffic Statistics 24

Chapter 5 WLAN Settings 26

5.1 Wireless Basic Settings 26
5.2 Wireless Security Settings 30
5.2.1 WPS Settings 30
5.2.2 WPA- PSK 31
5.2.3 WPA2- PSK 32
5.3 WirelessAccess Control 32
5.4 Connection Status 33

Chapter 6 DHCP Server 34

6.1 DHCP Server 34
6.2 DHCP Client List 34

Chapter 7 Virtual Server 36

7.1 Port Range Forwarding 36
7.2 DMZ Settings 38
7.3 UPNP Settings 38

Chapter 8 Security Settings 40

8.1 Client Filter Settings 40
8.2 MAC Address Filter 41
8.3 URL Filter Settings 43
8.4 Remote Web Management 45Chapter 9 Routing Settings 46

9.1 Routing Table 46
9.2 Static Routing 46

Chapter 10 System Tools 48

10.1 Time Settings 48
10.2 DDNS 48
10.3 Backup/Restore 49
10.4 Restore to Factory Default 51
10.5 Upgrade 51
10.6 Reboot the Router 52
10.7 Password Change 52
10.8 Syslog 53
10.9 Log out 53

Appendix 1 Glossary 55

Appendix 2 Product Features 56Appendix 3 FAQ 57

Appendix 4 Clear Wireless Configuration 59

Appendix 5 Regulatory Information 62

Chapter 1 Product Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the Tenda Wireless N Broadband Router!
This easy-to-use router provides simple configuration interface which enables you to configure it with ease. It is based on the latest IEEE802.11n standard, and is backward compatible withdevices of IEEE802.11b/g standards.
The Tenda wireless router,including router, wireless AP, four-port switch and firewall in one,provides powerful online monitor function and supports URL filter and MAC filter. With WDS function, it can repeat and amplify wireless signals so as to enlarge network coverage area. It truly supports UPnP and WMM to make your audio and video smoother. With QoS function,it can efficiently distribute the downloading rate for the clients. With super compatibility, the router can break the access limits in some areas so that multiple computers can share the Internet access. Additionally, it supports WISP function to access to the ISP’s wireless hotspots (this function applies only to some of the products).

1.1 Package Contents

Please verify the followingitems after you open the package:
➢ One Wireless N Broadband Router
➢ One Quick Installation Guide
➢ One Power Adapter
➢ One Software CD
If any of the listed items are missing or damaged, please contact the Tenda reseller for immediate replacement.

1.2 LED Indicators and Port Description

Panel and LED indicators show:
LED indicator description on the front panel

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