Marie Curie

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Topic: Biography of Marie Curie

Subject: Science

Teacher: Melvin Patterson

Student: Blanca Stefany Espinoza

Date: 03/08/2011

Marie Curie

Maria Sklodowska known as Marie Curie was a polish physicist and a chemist who contributed to the understanding of radioactivity and the effects of x-rays and she was the first person to receive two NobelPrizes. The radioactivity has helped us in the field of medicine in various types of body scans and tomography…

Sklodowska was born in Warsaw the capital of Poland on November 7, 1867. She was the fifth (Zosia, Bronia, Jozef, Helena and Marie) and last children of a professor of physics and mathematics in high school(who later lost his job because the unwelcome Russians came to steal the polishjobs) called Władysław Sklodowski, and a teacher, pianist and singer named Bronisława Boguska. In this period Polish was occupied by the Russians, because of the powers this had enforce their language and customs. It was prohibit teaching about the polish culture, but Maria assisted to clandestine classes where her culture was taught. Knowing the Russian language was very important in that days andMaria managed it very well, she was very interesting in reading that at the early age of 4 she read perfectly. In school she was know as a splendid student dominated Russian, Polish, German and France language and has a remarkable memory graduated at the age of 15, receiving a gold metal.

At the age of 16 she had work as a teacher, without continue with her studies. At the age of 18 she worked asa governess to pay her sister school in France with an agreement that Bronia would return the favor. Maria was encouraged by her cousin Jozef Boguski to study physical science. Because he was the director of the Warsaw Museum of Industry he allowed her to do experiments in physics and chemistry on the weekends at the museum. Years later it was her turn to go to Paris to follow her dream, study.At the age of 24 in 1891 she moved to Paris and enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of the Sorbonne. Then she realized that her classmates were very advanced that her, and during the followed years she study harshly and because her economy just subsisted on bread, butter and tea. She changed her name to a French version, Marie.

In 1893 she got a degreeon physic with the best grades on her class, and the following year she graduated in mathematics. Becoming a teacher was the plan of Marie following the trace of her mother and father. But everything changes when she met a physic professor named Pierre Curie. He encouraged her to research with him a mysterious invisible energy discovered by Henri Becquerel. A radiation produced by uranium atoms.Curie and Sklodowska start to work what they were devoted on, study of radioactivity and on July 26, 1895 they got marry in a civil ceremony. With the help of Pierre she was planning to get the doctorate. It was a challenge to get it, it that time just one woman had obtained Elsa Neumman. Marie and Pierre spent several years purifying uranium ore; it was a hard work to isolate the radioactivesubstances from tons of ordinary rock. They work in a shed (vat) and outdoors. What the Curies didn’t know that the vat gave off poisonous radon gas.

The Curies studied specifically materials considered radioactive. One of them was the uranium in form of pitch blend, which according to them this material had pieces of some element more radioactive than the uranium itself and made a number ofexperiments to prove it. After years of working they isolate two new chemical elements. The first one discover on 1898 called polonium (After Poland, way to pull attention to the political situation that was lived in the period) and the other one radium (After radiation). Finally on June 25, 1903 with the support of what she had discovered she publishes her doctoral thesis (“Research on radioactive...
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