Marie Curie

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In record time, two years, graduated in Physics and a year later in mathematics, then earned a doctorate in science. Passed into history to discover radioactivity.Won two Nobel prizes, the onlyperson to receive two awards of this nature. It was also the first woman to teach at the prestigious French university of the Sorbonne.Passionate, persevering, dazzled with their investigations.

One of the features of his personality that stood out was his confidence and stubborn perseverance. So he could reach his doctorate achievements in science, two Nobel laureates and universityteaching in Paris at the Sorbonne.This did not only dignify science, also the figure of the woman, who at that time was relegated to the domain that had the men in all social fields.

MarjaSklodowska was called, was born in Warsaw (Poland) on November 7, 1867. In 1891, at 24, he moved to Paris (where he changed his name to Marie) and enrolled in the course of science from the University of theSorbonne. Two years later he graduated in Physics and a year later in Mathematics. After ten years a doctorate in science at the same university.

In 1894 he met Pierre Curie, whom he married in1895. Pierre was 35, she 26 and, like Marie, was passionately dedicated to scientific research. Both had their daughters, Irene and Eve. The first followed his steps and was able to synthesize newradioactive elements, also won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1935). The other wrote a full biography of her mother.

Marie Curie, who was in search of a topic for his doctoral thesis investigated theradiation discovered by Becquerel, she named it radioactivity (it was the first to use this term to describe the elements that emit radiation when they break theircores). After finding out the radiationthat had both uranium and thorium found in pitchblende, an ore containing uranium, the residues were more radioactive than uranium itself. This concluded that this mineral should contain some other...
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