Marketing for a casual restaurant

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A. Theme.
This year we will turn Malagettis into The Legend’s Cafe. The theme was inspired by Hard Rock café franchise. Hard Rock Café is one most recognizable chain restaurants in the world. According to their website, the first HRC opened in London on June 14 1971. Brand name quickly spread around the world, especially, in USA. The famous cafes opened in New York and San Francisco. The aim ofthe HRC is offer American food and friendly atmosphere, decent and obliging service. Our mission statement will be the same as Hard Rock Café’s “Love all serve all.” The main reason why we chose Rock theme was its renegade spirit. Since, most of our clientele are students; we want them to have new experience. We want them to discover their own renegade spirit. We decided to decorate walls withposters of different rock bands, guitars. Main colors will be red and black. Our wait staff will be dressed as rock stars. Their uniform will include glasses, wigs, jeans, and black sneakers. The beauty of this café is the spirit and not appearance. Therefore, it would not be difficult to decorate lower cafeteria. We also will bring speakers and put many rock anthems in our playlist. Anotherpossibility would be dividing lower cafeteria in a different sections. For example, there will be section called Elvis Presley for couples and romantic atmosphere, and U2 section with rebellion music and loud music.
B. Performance measures.
Probably, one of the first performance measures will be sales revenue. How much money can our business generate? Without sales revenues, the whole purpose ofconducting the business will become useless. Second is turnover. How many customers every server has will show the popularity of our operation. One of the good things we noticed from last year was guest’s comments card. It is a very good indicator of guest’s satisfaction containing a lot of valuable information. The scale from poor to excellent will show how successful restaurant satisfying thecustomers’ needs. Last but not lest is team performance. How management team and servers work together. For example, the level of service, efficiency, and work delegation everything will go into consideration.
C. Programmes.
The concept of cross marketing is very simple. It includes finding the right product and services that complement each other and promote each other simultaneously. Wealready came up with flyers that we going to post near cashiers at the cafeterias, library, and book store. The purpose will be to get the attention from people who standing in lines, working at the computer desk and so on. Another program is introducing The Legend’s Café on the Facebook and MSN. Almost all students has around 200 friends, it is a huge market to spread a word of mouth.

Segmentationand Targeting
a) What is the purpose of this operation?
Identified our possible customers in the market to design a marketing plan to focus in the prospects that are most likely to purchase the service offer; at the same time will permit to find and select the most profitable segment.

b) What does it wish to be?
Restaurant service of choice that will provide innovative menu accordingto customers lifestyle and wants satisfying their needs and creating a pleasant ambiance.

c) Is there a “fit” between the available segments and the capably and desires of the operation?
The segments that we have available fit with our purpose and desire that we pretend to target.
By demographics
• Men and women
• Primarily 17 to 25 years old and older
• Families
• Personal staff (teachers, workers, visitors)
• People from downtown
By Psychographics
• Energic
• Involved
• Open to change
• Open-minded
• Impetuous
• Impulsive
• Practical

d) What changes, if any, need to be under taken for future years?
Needs and wants are changing all the time in people…..

Which target markets will be selected out...
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