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Introduction to Marketing
Foxtel Spotlight
Dr. Victoria Borg

Spotlight Foxtel
Foxtel is the number one subscription television provider with more than 1.4 millionsubscribers and more than 200 channels and one of the biggest and more modern companies in Australia.
Foxtel was founded in October 1995 when it saw a very big opportunity, Australiahad few subscription television providers, but it was not easy. At the beginning Foxtel had to compete with very good free broadcasters, one of its weaknesses was the cost, becauseAustralians were not use to payed for a TV provider.
After the first years of losing money Foxtel was in a threatening position, but the increase of subscriber made Foxtelattractive for all the advertisements companies and after 8 years the company turned a profit. In this times the television company reaches the 70% of the Australian country.
Foxtel offersa very good service and it has upgraded many of the subscribers to other more complete packages like the interactive and digital, Foxtel didn’t stop there and it now offers manytechnological options. Now many people prefer to stay at home instead of going out for a movie, some of them because it seems more comfortable and others because is a way of savingmoney.
In this times Foxtel directly employs 2100 people and more than 1700 indirectly employees and still growing (Elliot Greg, 2010).


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