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The Kamael Guide

By Deadly Rozen

Contents Guide

Kamael the Race


Character Changes




Levelling Spots


Epic Jewellery




The new race


The first and most obvious update in CT1 was the new race, The Kamael. The Kamael start on the Isle of Souls, located to the west of DarkElven Village.

About them

They're a dark race, which means basically that they use dark magic, and healing magic is less effective on them.

Unlike the other races, the Kamael have to use "souls" to use their attack skills.

Souls exist in all mobs that give you over 70 xp. Once you get to level 5, you get a skill which allows you to absorb them. As you get more levels in the skill youcan absorb more souls. The number of souls you have gathered appears in your buffslot bar, (but are not included in the number of buffs), and will last 10 minutes after the last soul has been absorbed. Later on, you can sacrifice some HP to summon souls or use a recharge soul skill.

The Kamael race is completely independent from the other races in Lineage 2. You can't sub Kamael,and your Kamael sub cannot be any other race. Once you have 2 kamael subs both at level 75, 1 of 2 hidden subclasses becomes available, (Inspector and Judicator).

Kamael Classes
The class system is also different for Kamael, because your class type is dependent on your gender. If you want to be a ranged type you will have to play female. Melee class types are males.


Kamael WeaponsKamael get a skill from the first class transfer where they can convert their normal weapons to Kamael exclusive weapons

They can convert the following:
• Two-handed Sword ==> Ancient Sword
• One-handed Sword ==> Rapier
• Bow ==> Crossbow

Enchant value, SA, and Elemental Attributes are kept the same between normal and Kamael weapons, though augmented weapons can't beconverted.


One of the main changes to CT1 is it's interface


Party Information Window

A party member’s status window can be re-ordered within the party list. While holding the "Alt” key, the Status Window can be dragged to other spot within the list. Pet/Servitor information, including HP/MP/Buff/Debuff, can also be identified within the Party Member Status Window.Improved Radar

The radar now shows terrain information. Various features have been included on the radar, such as hiding a player’s location, fixed radar position, and party member/monster location.

Item Information Link

You can share your item information with other players. When you click on an item while pressing the "Shift” key, the item information is linked automatically inchat.

Skill Window

Active skill information is categorized into Normal, Buff, Debuff, and Toggle within the Skill Window.


A maximum of 48 macros can be created.

Game Option

In the Option Menu, keyboard shortcuts can be changed.

In Option Menu, an “Improved Shader” function has been added.


The location of items within a player’s inventory is stored.

Atthe upper-right corner of the Inventory page, the “Inventory Auto Sort” button has been added. Players can press this button to automatically sort the items in their inventory.

Other Changes

If a Dwarf or Artisan class tries to delete items that can be crystallized, they are crystallized automatically instead.

Attribute information has been added to the Character Status Window.

VariousGame Option information and in-game interface features have been improved.

Changes to characters

Stat Adjustments

For characters over level 70, Accuracy & Evasion, Critical Rate, and Magic Resistance have been increased significantly. Once you reach level 78 and above these stats are increased even more.

Boost for daggers..

The amount of CP for all dagger classes have been...
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