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My objectives in this written task are to demonstrate how foreigners feel isolated and depressed when they move to other places. Furthermore, people have to adapt to a new lifestyle and weather. For example, this can be related to the main character in the essay “Personal and Singular” by Ha Yun Jung when she is first introduced to Thailand. In addition, during the time period she arrived there,she found difficulties in becoming accustomed to the weather and lifestyle. Throughout her daily life in Thailand, she faces many challenges that make her feel oppressed and at the same time “ordinary” because she is not able to follow Thai people’ style of living. Moreover, in order to achieve my objective, I wrote a diary entry that significantly explains the gloomy life of the character thatfaces everyday challenges such as different settings, how international schools are structured, education, etc. Finally, my purpose of writing a diary is to show the transformation of the character. By this, I make a point that is not worth criticizing a country because you live there. However, you have to overcome obstacles that you will face. Furthemore, I relate this experience with one of minebecause when I moved to Peru I had difficulties in fitting into the Peruvian society. Also, I had difficulties with the weather because here it is too sunny and in Korea it was cold and the weather varied. In fact, I connect most of the entries to the collection of essays The Genius of Language. For example, the third entry describes the happiness of Jung after moving to a house that reminds her ofKorea. Therefore, we can relate this with the author of “The Mother Tongue Between Two Slices of Rye”, Gary Shteyngart, when he bursts of happiness when his family bought a new. Another example would be in the fourth entry that describes Jung was isolated because she did not have companions from the same nationality which makes her be the only Korean in her school. Also, she feels isolatedbecause the kind of uniform Thai people wear is opposed to Korean style. Furthemore, we can relate this with the author of “French Without Tears”, Luc Sante, when he feels isolated at school because there are few french speakers which distresses him.

I use references from the collection of essays The Genius of Language. Especially, the essay “The Mother Tongue Between Two Slices of Rye” by GaryShteyngart, to help me analyze multicultural environments in depth. Furthermore, I use the reference from Shteyngart’s essay because he and Jung had problems fitting into society. Also, I found by reading these essays that they both struggle with the lifestyle and new settings of a foreign country.

The task demonstrates my understanding of the literary option through the experiences each author fromthe collection of essays The Genius of Language.
faces in various multicultural environments. Furthermore, the task also shows the challenges each author faces when trying to fit in into another society.

Tommy Park
Ms. Slough
DP English A2 SL
My Life as Ha Yun Jung

Sunday 24th March,1975

Dear Diary,
Finally, our family will be traveling to another frontiers and experience otherenvironments. I am so excited to predict where will be our next destination In my mind there are only countries like the United States, Canada or countries in Europe. For example, in our country, Korea, people say that countries that are highly developed such as the United States have a nice environment and beautiful sceneries where the climate varies throughout the year. Moreover, I was very excitedto know where our next destination was going to be that I had trouble sleeping. Finally, I hope that our next destination will be a place where we can be happy and live well.
Jung, Ha Yun

Monday 25th March, 1975

Dear Diary,
Today our family arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. It was summer when we got to Thailand and I did not like it because I was used to the chill of winter. This is a...
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