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How far are you willing to go?
To what limits can peer pressure push one? The limits are not precise but setting them is up to one’s criteria. One will decide how far is too far, but the truth isthat peer pressure is becoming a reality for young adults.
Peer pressure can sometimes appear to be a beneficial weapon. Peer pressure can compel one to join a club, sport, or even force one awayfrom something which is wrong. Peer pressure is a powerful mental force that manipulates people; it tends to affect more young adults or teenagers. This is true because teenagers are willing to doanything just to fit in.
The reality that is now affecting teenagers might not be the positive influence peer pressure has over people. Teenagers are now being forced into acting against their moralvalues. Peer pressure can lead one to carry out activities which in the future one might regret. When people think of peer pressure, they picture drugs, sex, drinking and abortion, but peer pressure canforce one into doing something as small as lying to someone.
Lying is a chain reaction. Lying is similar to drugs. Once one involved, it is hard to get out. It happened to me, being a teenage girltrying to fit in was pressured into lying. Getting invited to a senior party was as exciting as getting an autograph from the king of terror Edgar Allan Poe, but mom of course said I could not go. Sheknew how senior boys could be with freshmen girls and was thinking of what would be best for her daughter. Insisting was not a useful technique, giving up all hope to go was. One day before the partymy friends called me and devised a mischievous plan so I could go. Resigned to lie, I was convinced. The party was great, luckily nothing worth regretting happened, but the days that followed were notas excellent. Feeling terrible about lying, confessing was the only way out. With doing so, mom was disappointed, and so was I. Once, William Shenstone’s poem spoke to me with a quote that said:” A...
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