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ierFUCK YES!!!!! This show puts Born this Way Ball to shame!!!
All the pop singers of the moment have Madonna as inspiration...
No woman had talked about sex so freely as she did...No woman had somany stadiums and halls totally crowded as she did...No woman had attacked the "so powerful catholic church" as she did...
If Madonna hadn't existed in the world of pop music, there would be noBritney, No aguilera, No Beyonce, no Rihanna, No gaga, and so on...
Because Madonna is the head stone!
She is the queen of pop
You like it or not!
Madonna "ReInvention Tour" back in 2004 had a pit.
So take your reductive ass out of here.

Thank you . lady gaga she is the worst thing that happend to music she is turning the younger generation into retards okay i'm 14 but i loved Madonna since thefirst moment i saw her and i hate it how some wannabe comes around and imitates her whole life and pretends she is original.Madonna is The Queen nobody else. she didnt need to dress up like a clown orplay the bullied victim to sell records.

Gaga's stage is big for no reason. Madonna is worth over 2 billion dollars so she could definitely afford a big stage but hasnt bought one because theyarent always necessary. How does a 54 yr old act then? If she has the ability then her age shouldnt matter. Why are people ignoring her music, magnificent body and creativity but instead theyre focusingon a number that she doesnt even resemble.

She is a professional, artist, business person, singer, actress, director, mother, performer... long list! 30 years of career, she deserves respect. Ofcourse you don't have to like her or buy her products,but you can't deny her talent.

The thing I love about Madonna, She's already done all the shit you could in the music industry to the point...
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