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Find out what would be the World's Oldest Shoe: 5,500 Years

WASHINGTON (AP) - SOME 5,500 years ago someone in the Mountains of Armenia pike What Now Is The Oldest leather shoes ever discovered. The shoe, it does not look too modern footwear, THIS well preserved, and consists of a single piece of leather, tied at the front and rear cords against, researchers said on Wednesday in the UNreport in PLoS One, A magazine Pubic Library of Science.
 Something Worn and formed a cake of the last of its Own Right, The Shoe was found in a cave along with other evidence of human occupation.Had been filled with grass, the data the same time that the skin of the shoe between 5.637 and 5.387 _ years ago.
 "This is" Lucky too, "enthused Ron Pinhasi The Archaeologist, University CollegeCork in Cork, Ireland, led the team that made the discovery.
 "Ceramics are usually only shifts, but we have very little information Everyday Activities" of European standards ancestral villages. Whatdid they eat? What did they do? How do they dressed? A program featuring interviews is Opportunity to see ESO ... Nos da a real image of "the company said in a telephone interview.
 Previously,The Oldest Leather Shoe Found in Europe or Asia was the celebrity Otzi, the Iceman frozen in the Alps, discovered it was a few years ago and is preserved in Italy. Otzi has been dated between 5.375 and5,128 years ago, hundreds a few years more recent than the Armenian shoe.
 Otzi's shoes was made from the skins of bear and deer, and were tied with a leather strap. The shoe seems made ArmenianBE "With cow hide, said Pinhasi.
 More Ancient Sandals have been discovered in a cave in the U.S. state of Missouri, Esteban But plant fiber made against.
 The shoe found in what is now Armeniapit was discovered in the United Nations, with a broken pot A FEW goat horns.
 But Pinhasi not think it was launched. Material had ruled he was out of the cave, while the pit was within the area of...
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