Meeting phrases

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Discussions or Meeting Situations


• Introduction language of meeting


You will require a list of useful phrases for each function for the verbal assignments at the end of this module. For each function you should first try to compose phrases of your own. After having done that you should put the suggested phrases below (in italics) under theappropriate heading.

A. Presenting Arguments

The meeting has started and you have to explain something, for example, feedback on a report you have carried out, a summary of different views in a conflict etc. How can you, however, explain your ideas effectively and present your arguments in an appropriate way?

Opening Ordering

Introducing a new point Addinginformation

Giving an example Balancing (comparing with opposing views)

Generalising Stating preferences


To begin with Moreover
Turning to To illustrate the point, let us consider
I would like to mention briefly that Let me conclude by saying
The main advantage of …is that By and large
On the one hand…..,but on the other I’d rather…..than
In conclusion I would like to reiterate that On the whole
In spite of….., I still think I tend to favour….as opposed to
The next issue I would like to focus on is All in all
I would like to begin by Although…., we mustn’t forget
A case in point is ….has an advantage over ….in that..
Let me given an example At the outset
There are threepoints I’d like to make All things considered
I might add, that I prefer …….
I’d like to conclude by stating that In addition
I would like to comment on the problem of Generally speaking
Furthermore, Whereas….., we have to remember
I would like to make a few remarks concerning In general
First of all, we must bear in mind Despite the fact that…….,I…..
Firstly, secondly,thirdly, finally As well as... there is also
Allow me to conclude by highlighting the fact that…

B. Opinions

It’s time to find out what everybody thinks of the proposals or ideas. You’ll need a selection of the following phrases

Asking for an opinion Giving strong opinions

Summarising Giving opinions in a tactful way

What’s your positionon this issue I firmly believe that.....
To sum up, there seems to be I would tend to think that....
There’s no doubt in my mind that... In my opinion.....
It would seem to me that... In short then...
Could I ask for your reaction? As far as I’m concerned...

C. Agreeing and disagreeing

So far you’ve heard others outlining arguments and expressing opinions. Butwhat do you think? Here are some things you will want to express.

Strong agreement Tentative agreement

Strong Disagreement Tactful disagreement

Neutral Disagreement

Frankly, what you are saying is just utter rubbish I’m in total agreement with you there
I can see your point of view but I can’t help feeling that I think you are right
I’m afraid I can’tagree with you on that I agree entirely with your point of view
I agree up to a point, but (With respect) I disagree entirely
I think we are in agreement on that

D. Interruptions

Good meetings allow participants a chance to have their say. This isn’t always the case of course, so what do you do if you can’t get a word in edgeways?

Interrupting Commenting

Coming backto a point after an interruption

Before we go any further, could I point out that... As I was saying..
Sorry for interrupting, but..... Going back to what I was saying...
I don’t want to interrupt, but... Could I just comment on that last point?

E. Clarifying

All communication, even between native speakers of the same language, involves frequent misunderstandings...
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