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Complete the dialogues with phrases from the box.

A: Can I have the bill, please?
B: Yes, of course.

1. A: Is there anything else I can get you, madam?
B: No,could you bring us the bill, please?
2. A: Can I pay by credit card?
B: Sorry, we only accept cash.
3. A: Could I have breakfast brought to room 15, please?
B:Straight away, madam. Is that for one or two people?
4. A: I’d like to change some money, please.
B: Certainly, sir. Would you like pounds?
5. A: I’d like to buy two tickets fortomorrow’s performance, please.
B: No problem. How would you like to pay?
6. A: Could I speak to the manager, please?
B: I’m not sure if he’s here. Would you mindholding the line?
7. A: Excuse me, the person that was serving me has disappeared.
B: Sorry about the confusion, sir. Let me help.
8. A: Listen, I actually wanted to getsome information but I got disconnected …
B: Sorry, we’re having problems with the lines …
9. A: Excuse me, I ordered a pizza one hour ago. Is there a problem?
B: I’mvery sorry, sir, the traffic’s terrible tonight. It should be there in five minutes.
10. A: Excuse me, I ordered fish, not chicken!
B: Sorry, madam, I’ll bring your fishimmediately.

Find and correct the mistakes.

I I’d like to change some money, please.

1. Who makes the shopping in your family?
Who does the shopping in your family?2. I like spending money in sweets.
I like spending money on sweets.
3. He’s come back to England yet.
He’s already come back to England.
4. The radio wasinvented for Marconi .
The radio was invented by Marconi
5. Those pictures were painted by Goya.
Those pictures were painted by Goya

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