Ministry Of Health And Social Assistants Written Work

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Ministry of Health and Welfare |
Management and office Practice |

Ministry of Health and Welfare |
Management and office Practice |

By: ISaebl mayorga
5th. Secretary“c”
September 16, 2012
By: ISaebl mayorga
5th. Secretary “c”
September 16, 2012

Functions……………………………………………….. 4
Budget 6
Organization andEmployees 7
Organization Chart 10
Project 12
Conclusion and Recommendations 13
Appendix 15
Bibliography 16


The purpose of this report is to inform, also to get more of yourknowledge about the functionality, budget and projects to be undertaken this year, in order to people well known this Ministry and how they have been helped our country and improve the services dailyto the citizens.
This report does not include services information.
This information was gathered as well as official page of the Ministry of Health and welfare and Wikipedia page.


Inthis report you are going to find, information about this ministry such as: Who is in charge? , whom are working for it? The budget they manage every year and projects to be undertaken. This means,everything related to health issue and social welfare in the country. Therefore, under you will find a list of points to present:
1. Functions
2. Budget
3. Organization and Employees
4.Organization Charts
5. Project
The functions, in which they are committed to perform, are established in Article 39 of the Law of the Executive; which are:
A. Develop and monitorpolicy and public health plans, manage decentralized, promotion programs, prevention, rehabilitation and restoration of health, at the same time encouraging the public and private participation.B. Propose technical standards for providing health services and coordinate with the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing, the proposals for technical standards for the...
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