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October 14, 2011
Rights and Wrongs
Do you believe in a set of morals and values that apply to all human beings? It is hard to answer this question knowing how diverse human beings are.Human beings have been habitating on Earth for millenniums, so they have had plenty of time to become civilized and developed. Many different cultures, dialects, and religions have been formed; sothere are countless combinations that can be made with these three aspects to form one single human being. Now a day, the media is a very influential factor on how humans behave and on how they viewcertain aspects of their lives. There can’t be a definite universal right or a definite universal wrong in this world due to the facts that human beings have lived through many changes, have become verydiverse, and have been influenced by many different sources.
Humanity has gone through many changes throughout history. During the medieval ages, society found it acceptable to hang or behead peopleas punishment for their crimes. Occasionally Kings/queens or other men/women with power could have a person beheaded, without the need to explain themselves for their actions. In order to legallyexecute a human being on modern times, the judicial system must go through an extensive process and the convicted person has some opportunities to get out of the sentence. As you might know, the conceptof what’s right and what’s wrong has changed through time.
Humanity is greatly diverse. There are countless different places on this world, and many different cultures. The way human beings seethings as right or wrongs may also depend on how they were raised or what they have been through throughout their lives. Some societies in Europe believe that it’s fine to walk around nude in publicplaces like beaches, but some other societies around the world will see that action through another perspective as wrong or inadequate. In this case, the concept of what’s right and what’s wrong varies...
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