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Vicon DataStream SDK 1.1.0
Developers Manual
The Vicon DataStream Software Development Kit (SDK) allows easy programmable access to the information contained in the Vicon DataStream. The function calls within the SDK allow users to connect to and request data from the Vicon DataStream. The following combinations of platforms and technologies are supported: Windows x86 (32-bit)    Windows x64(64-bit)   Linux x86 (32-bit) 


Important Notes:   Not all function calls contained within the SDK will return data when connected to certain Vicon Applications. For example, Vicon Blade does not support analog devices, and therefore will not output device information into the DataStream. The current DataStream format is supported by Vicon Nexus 1.4+, Vicon Blade 1.6+,and Tracker 1.0+. These applications may also output an additional stream in the legacy “Tarsus” format. This DataStream SDK only accesses the DataStream format. The current intention is that all future Vicon applications will support the DataStream format. Example files are supplied as unsupported examples only. The SDK only supports axis transformations into right handed co-ordinate systems. TheSDK is designed to allow multiple instances of a Client within a single process which can connect to multiple DataStreams.

   

The SDK is supplied as shared libraries – DLLs on Windows and SOs on Linux. The shared libraries and supporting files are required to be copied alongside your client executable.

Installing on Windows
There are separate installers for the 32-bit and 64-bitSDKs. The 64-bit installer will only work on a 64-bit version of Windows. The default install directories are: 64-bit Windows 32-bit SDK : C:\Program Files (x86)\Vicon\DataStream SDK\Win32 64-bit SDK : C:\Program Files\Vicon\DataStream SDK\Win64 32-bit Windows 32-bit SDK : C:\Program Files\Vicon\DataStream SDK\Win32

Installing on Linux
The SDK is provided as a compressed archive. Extract thearchive into a convenient location on your system.

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Windows – C++
Your application should  #include “Client.h”  Link against “ViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.lib”  Redistribute: o “ViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dll” o “Microsoft.VC8.CRT” (x86) or “Microsoft.VC9.CRT” (x64).

Windows – .NET
Your application should  Link against the assembly“ViconDataStreamSDK_DotNET.dll”.  Redistribute: o “ViconDataStreamSDK_DotNET.dll” o “ViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dll” o “Microsoft.VC8.CRT” (x86) or “Microsoft.VC9.CRT” (x64).  Have the .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed. The managed code in this assembly requires the unmanaged code in the C++ SDK

Windows – MATLAB
Your application M file should be in the same directory as  “Client.m”  “DeviceType.m” “Direction.m”  “Result.m”  “StreamMode.m”  “TimecodeStandard.m”  “Unit.m”  “ViconDataStreamSDK_MATLAB.dll”  “ViconDataStreamSDK_MATLAB.h”  “Microsoft.VC80.CRT”

Linux – C++
Your application should  #include “Client.h”  Link against “”  Redistribute “”

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© November 2009

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What’s New inVersion 1.1.0
1. Release of C++ and .NET SDKs on Windows x64. 2. Release of C++ SDK on Linux x86. 3. New function calls i. DisableSegmentData ii. DisableMarkerData iii. DisableUnlabeledMarkerData iv. DisableDeviceData v. GetMarkerParentName vi. GetSubjectRootSegmentName vii. GetSegmentParentName viii. GetSegmentChildCount ix. GetSegmentChildName x. GetSegmentStaticTranslation xi.GetSegmentStaticRotationHelical xii. GetSegmentStaticRotationMatrix xiii. GetSegmentStaticRotationQuaternion xiv. GetSegmentStaticRotationEulerXYZ 4. Corrected some units. The values given by the SDK have not changed – they were incorrectly labeled in previous versions. i. “NewtonMillimetre” has become “NewtonMeter” ii. “Millimetre” has become “Meter” 5. Corrected segment rotations following calls to...
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