Movi Dick

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Moví Dick

The sailor Ishmael is in the port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, looking for a job on a whaling ship.

He stops at the inn "supplier"and meets a harpooner of black South Sea Islander named Queequeg, who takes as his companion and servant.

Amos swear friendship and prepare to go tothe island of Nantucket, in search of employment, in a boat is about to sail. In the harbor is the "Pequod", hiring crew for a trip dedicated towhaling.

Its captain called Ahab. When Ishmael sees it, feels it is possessed. Ahab to travel the seas, for many years, hunting whales. Once, in thePacific had found a white whale, monstrous, that destroyed his boat and tore a leg, chewed and devoured it, leaving him maimed, with a wooden leg, full ofhatred, revenge for the whale, they call "Moy Dick". So begins the journey.

Through good times, storms and hurricanes, the "Pequod" Sail across theAtlantic, South America and around Cape Horn, and enters the Pacific. Shipwrecked boats pass by, a rival whaling ships and other vessels that bring newsof Moby Dick.

In order to make out Moby Dick, monstrous, white and terrible, the mad hunt begins three days to capture. Moby Dick is back, pants,and attacks, lunges and strikes, nothing under the boat, whips him with his powerful tail, it breaks and destroys.

As the ship sinks, taking Ahab andhis crew to death, madrea coffin, which was on the boat, floats like a cork grips Ismael this occurs when the final catastrophe. Only saves to tell the
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