Music industry

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Music major players

The new business model in the music industry is the digital music, the major players are adapting to this system and it keeps growing.

The eMarketplace plays an importantrole in this industry, because in this days the major players of the music industry make most of their business in the Internet, and some of them started their business on the Internet like Applewith ITunes, from the beginning they sold music online, this company was the pioneer in this business model.

“Professional musicians, bands, and singers are signed with record label, companies thatfinance the recording process in return for part or full share of the rights to the recording. “ IFPI

Record label companies manage brands and trademarks in the course of marketing therecordings, and they can also oversee the production of videos for broadcast or retail sale.

Record labels may use an "A&R" (Artists and Repertoire) manager to not just seek out bands & singers to sign,but to also help develop the performing style of those already signed to the label.

A&R managers may organize shared tours with similar bands or find playing opportunities for the label's groupswhich will broaden their musical experience. 

A record distributor is a company that works with record labels to promote and distribute sound recordings. Once a CD is recorded, record distributioncompanies organize the shipping of the CDs to music stores and department stores.

The music industry major players are called “the big four” and they are:

Universal Music Group (USA/Francebased) — 31.71%

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan based) — 25.61%

Warner Music Group (USA based) — 15%

EMI Group (UK based) — 9.55%

Independent labels — 18.13%

(Nielsen SoundScan reportedthat the big four accounted for 81.87% of the US music market in 2005)

According to an IFPI report published in August 2005, the big four accounted for 71.7% of retail music sales:
Sony Music...
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