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Tragic stories appear in the count of damage by Sandy

This news is very sad that this hurricane because many people have lost theirlives, the places affected by the hurricane are totally destroyed Sandy and hopefully finish this hurricane and did not die so many people and to achieve entire wing back normal.

AJeep gets stuck trying to climb over the border fence with the U.S.

This news is funny to see that level to come across attempts to United States following the American dream, I donot need to go to another country to work best is to stay at home and work.

The journalist's family burned Bolivian author seeks to attack

This is bad news because it's not fairto attack a journalist just for doing their job and burn it, it is very important to find those responsible and give him the punishment he deserves for his crime.

President Bush was unaware of the twin towers collapse

This attack was very serious for the United States, caused great devastation not only for this country butfor the whole world, claimed many lives of innocent people who were inside the twin towers.
What happened was not something that happened in overnight, many things happenedthat really puts analyze whether the U.S. government was aware of what was going to happen.
Many analyzes of experts have come to the conclusion that if k were politicallymotivated matting did nothing to stop the planes that were admitted to the country without permission.
It would be good to clarify what actually happened to the perpetrators that haveallowed this punishment for so many people who died in this crash.

Bauman,Peter. Ego: The Fall of the Twin Towers and the Rise of an Enlightened Humanity(2006)
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