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Abel: How are you friends? Did you advanced to the team- homework of history?
Martha: No we haven’t done yet.
Mario: I was thinking about do it of Porfirio Diaz. I have been searching informationof his life and I was surprised that is very interesting.
Eduardo: No way!, There is some dark things on his life, I think that a nation should never be given over to one man, no matter who the manis, and whatever the circumstances may be.
Martha: Yes, that’s true, but also was a whiz man whose ideas helped to the development economic.
Mario: It might be a good idea, don’t you think Abel.Abel: Yeah, I have spent all my precious time searching of him yesterday. It would be dumb waste more time in other character.
Eduardo: Okay, whatever, I just want start this work; what do you knowabout him?
Martha: We know that this man born to the humblest walk of life in Oaxaca in 1830, from a Spanish father and an Indian mother, rose to the highest power ever attained in his country throughthe high road of warfare, revolution and anarchy.
Abel: Yes of course, when he had grown up enough his inherited qualities were sprouted and he decided to study in “Instituto de Ciencias y Artes deOaxaca”, once he egressed, he joined to Juan Alvarez who was the Revolución de Ayutla’ leader which objective was to overthrow Santana.
Mario: don’t forget what he did in the sector of infrastructure,while his mandate he built a lot of railroad tracks and other important things I can’t explain because I’m not a economist.
Eduardo: Well he had done a lot of terrible things too.
Mario: I reallydon’t know about such things, I just know that
Abel: In my personal opinion he was a very good president.
Eduardo: He use a lot of violence against the people who repress with any kind of rebellion,it’s that for you being a good president?
Martha: But he did very important things for our country, he made ¨ The plan of tuxtepec¨.
Eduardo: What’s the plan of tuxtepec?
Mario: The campaign of...
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