On god existence

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There is a question that is still present in our minds today, because despite everything we say, remains a mystery: Does God Exist? I find very difficult to answer this question because I am in areflective stage of my life because I've always firmly believed in God, but I have been in a time where I’ve been thinking and reflecting about it. Indeed there are reasons that make me believe that Godin fact, exists. Today, many agree with the ideas of thinkers such as Bertrand Russell to believe what the can only see. They might say that putting faith in something which existence has no evidenceis pure credibility. However, would it be wise to blindly believe in something? Therefore believing in God is a fact which must be based on hard evidence. The question is we have evidence that Godexists? The teleological argument on “design" proposed by Aquinas, the cosmological and teleological arguments proposed by David Hume, known empiricist and skeptical, and Anselm's ontological argument isthe only test that comes a priori theistic, ie only by reflection on the concept of God, without reference to extrinsic evidence as to the existence or nature of the world
(a)The world is a creationby an intelligent being
(b) the world is design
(c)God is an intelligent being
God exists

Aquinas's arguments are variations of two main forms, cosmological and teleologicalarguments. The cosmological argument is based on the premise that the existence and activity of the universe requires an explanation in an entity beyond itself. In a version proposed by Aquinas andcontemporary philosophers, the universe is seen as an entity merely contingent or possible, as a contingent being required to explain their existence in a being outside, being able to keep the universe inexistence. According to this position, the universe owes its existence to be "necessary", i.e. you cannot not exist, which explains its own existence. Thus, contingent existence, merely possible world,...
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