Oracle Vs Google

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Oracle VS Google

Since Google came out with their own operating system for the mobile market back in 2007 their software is based on a Linux Kernel operating system which in order to it work there has to be command lines telling the device what to do which here is when oracles java comes in. According to Oracle Google has been using one of their many patens without their consent and alsocopyright infringement. Which in this case oracle is so sure of this that they decided to take this case into court, since Oracle is seeking hundreds of millions in damages. Google argues that they would only pay a couple of millions of dollars. As of what I know from this case I don’t think that Google is Dumb enough to go ahead and copy and use something that doesn’t belong to them and I don’t whyOracle waited so much time and finally decided to sue Google when that should have been right away when the first Google Android phone came out. The three things that I will talk about are Oracles point of view, the second is Google point of view, and the third one my point of view and what do I think of this case.
Java is well know because they specialize in computer software which is what weall use in the computer on April, 2009 Oracle bought Sun Microsystems for $7.4 Billion with that said. Oracles Sun alleges that Google has being using two of their patents that is the key to run the famous Google’s Android without paying for using it. "Android (including without limitation the Dalvik VM and the Android software development kit) and devices that operate Android infringe one or moreclaims of each of United States Patents Nos. 6,125,447; 6,192,476; 5,966,702; 7,426,720; RE38,104; 6,910,205; and 6,061,520" (Tom Krazit). These are the patents that Google has being infringing without their permission since we are talking about business did not pay to use them legally. According the Oraclewants Google to pay them hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth in damages towards the using of the patents. Pretty much, since Google launch their Android operating system back in 2007 Oracles Sun Java felt pressure to develop a new operating system to keep up with the competition in the mobile market. In the case not too many of the same where done but the problem is with the copyright which Googlecopyrighted 37 MPI codes from Java that runs on Google Android Platform.
Google had acquired Android in 2005 but it really didn’t hit the Mobile market unlit the late 2007 when it was announce that a new platform of operating system was on its way. Google’s Android is based on Linux which is programmed using XML, C, C++, and of course does requires Oracles Java, but in a very different way thanthe original Java code. Google has its own patents for the Android operating system which they did infringe on of the patents from Oracles Java which the number from the patent is the same 447. With Android being “distributed and related applications, devices, platforms, and services with the expectation they will be purchased, used, or licensed by consumer and has one or more infringementpatents.” That is why Google alleges to Oracle that they will only have to pay them a few millions dollars for the patent that they did not pay to use. Google created their own virtual machine using the language of java built in no way ever used the same patent as java virtual machine.
From my point of view I don’t know why Oracle is trying to sue Goggle for using open source GPL when in the firstopen source have been open under GPL which oracle can do nothing about it because is under GPL. The reason that java is used so much now a days is because is GPL, is free and is across platforms java can be run from any computer. So if an oracle tries to break that the industry will move on and what they trying to implement is that an API can be copyrighted which in order to do that you have to...
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