Oral Literature

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Stanley was back on the lake sticking his shovel in to de dirt. X-Ray was right the third hole was the hardest as the fourth, as fifth, as sixth hole…
He dug his shovel into the dirt.
After a while he lost the track of the day, the week and how many holes he had dug. It seemed a big hole which would take a year and a half to dig it. He guessed he lost weight and that in a year and a half hewould be either in a great physical condition or dead.
He dug his shovel into the dirt.
It couldn´t always be so hot, he thought. It surely got cooler in December.
He dug his shovel into the dirt.
Now his skin got tougher and it didn´t hurt too much to hold the shovel.
While he drunk water he saw up at the sky a big cloud the first one actually. The other boys had been looking at it hoping thatit would move in front of the sun, but it just got close.
His hole was waist. Then he dug his shovel into the dirt and saw something glisten as it fell in to the pile. He acted as if he hadn´t seen it and thought what good would do to him, but he promise X-Ray he would give him everything he found.
He dug the shovel into the dirt, and then he climbed up the hole and felt something hard andmetallic. He pulled it out, it was a gold tube he use some of his water to clean it but as it wasn´t enough he poured more and saw there was an engraved design into the flat bottom of the tube, it was an outline of a heart with the letters “K B” etched inside it.
He was looking some way that he wouldn´t have to give it to X-Ray, he could just keep it but he wanted a day off.
He looked to the placewere X-Ray was, there were huge piles of dirt so he might be finishing for the day; so what good would do to him? He would spent many time for showing the tube until it gets to the Warden´s hands, by that time he would already finished. He wondered if he could secretly take it to the Warden and she would give him the day off if she founds it interesting but he could put some excuse for giving himthe day so X-Ray won´t suspect.
He looked towards the cabin which scared him. He had been at Camp Green Lake for almost two weeks and he hadn´t seen the Warden, but he was fine with that he wish he don´t have to see him for all the year and a half.
Stanley looked the tube again which looked familiar to him…
“What you got there, Caveman?” asked Zigzag.
Stanley closed the hand were he had thetube. “Nothing…just uh… I think I might have found something”
“Another fossil?”
“No, I am not sure what it is”
“Let me see”
Instead of showing it to Zigzag he showed it to X-Ray. Zigzag followed him.
X-Ray cleaned his glasses and looked the tube. One by one the other boys came to look.
“It looks like an old shotgun shell” said Squid.
“Yeah, that´s probably what it is” said Stanley, he didn´tmention the engraved design, nobody might realize it.
“No, it´s too long and thin to be a shotgun shell” said Magnet.
“It´s prob´ly just a piece of junk” said Stanley.
“Well I´ll show it to Mom” X-Ray said “See what he thinks. Who knows? Maybe I get the day off”
“Your hole is almost finished”
“Yeah, so?”
“So why don´t you wait until tomorrow to show it to Mom? You can pretend you found itfirst thing in the morning. Then you can get the whole day off, instead of just an hour or so this afternoon”
X-Ray smiled. “Good thinking Caveman” He put the tube in his pocket.
Stanley returned to his hole.
When the water truck arrived Stanley took his place on the line but X-Ray move him one place.
Stanley lay on his bed. For the first time hewas on the right place at the right time.
“You got it?” Stanley asked X-Ray the next morning at breakfast.
“I don´t know what you are talking about” he grumbled.
“You know…”
“No, I don´t know!” he snapped “So just leave me alone, okay? I don´t want to talk to you”
Mr. Sir took them to the lake and made a mark where each of them had to dig. Stanley thought why did X-Ray treat him like that,...
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