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Topic: Social Networking
I. Creating a personal page on a social networking site is a popular activity for adults and young people, specially children’s.
a. Characteristics of some socialnetworks, they let you create a profile, upload photos with your friends, tag them, upload videos, share information…
II. What users do once they are registered in a social network, they start toadd friends. They create their profiles and choose a pic for their principal profile.
a. A link is created on each other's page to their new friend's page
b. Ways to communicate by, chatting, sendingprivate messages, uploading pics, sharing private info.
III. Social networks use has become an addiction
a. Uses of social networks, musicians use social network for share their music, they savedistribution costs, and also share their music with a lot of people.
IV. Dangers to take into account with social networks and what social networks do to prevent users from being victims
a. Onlinepredators are everywhere, specially in social network like my space.
b. Browse and search features features allowing searches based on such criteria as body type, sexual orientation, smoker, drinker, andrelationship status (i.e. Single, Married, In a Relationship, Divorced, Swinger).
V. Adults are restricted to visit underage profiles because lots of them are online predators, and its dangerous forchildrens.
VI. Security features such as private profiles have to be made in the option panel in facebook or my space.
VII. Microblogging is the new way of comunicate.
Pages like twitter, allowyou to write short phrases saying what do you think, or what do you do. Famous people are using it a lot to stay in touch with their fans.
a. Characteristics of microblogging The act of microbloggingbasically allows a user to post small messages to an online profile which in turn is being monitored by other users of the service.
VIII. Virtual worlds are fake, they let you create a character...
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