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all started when a child studying at a college of monks who always caught his attention because he was undisciplined, he smoked and drank woquer returned told him you have toimprove and was all by his mother ill, his father had died and he lived only for that said who lived with his parents but was a lie because the best friend letter falsified his school teased him a lotand nobody believe in your knowledge saw they were easy targets such as divers as there is little competition. but was not a day than what I call the rectory to give a call for attention because hehad gone to the pool to see women naked and had masturbated that was the last wake-up call because if I went back to commit any offense, be expelled to their classes came back and met a monk who wasteaching of religion but someone was trying to communist wonder if that was a kind of religion the friar told him that he had helped the religion had more option catholic.no to join the team athletics,then the Brother told her that this was serious I had to behave well and have a good physical fray then speak on the issue of race Boston one of the most important in the world and win woquer Fraysaid he would have to be a miracle and a miracle would have to be to be clean of sins then went to his mother after a long workout I bought a beautiful scarf and the greeting mother asked that as she wastold that to be a very healthy sick, then I comment on the goal I had to so she could heal, then started reading books on the miracles and also on the track, always train harder than the other guy intraining told him that God would have to win that race was training boston increasingly strong.one day saw the love of his life whom he had asked her out and she said that has to be a nun saw her inthe hospital while on a visit as his mother that he was doing, she said that community service hours, woquer told him that I had to help as she knew him well would know about the miracles. Then...
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