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KX-HGT100 SIP-Phone

Panasonic Telephone Systems
Panasonic KX-HGT100, KXHGT100, HGT100
Phone 877-289-2829

KX-HGT100 Configuration (1)
1. Connectthe HGT100 to the LAN via a suitable switch port
2. Power on the unit (using PoE or the optional AC Adaptor)
3. Check the LCD Display shows

Not Configured
“Not configured
Web Setting
Web Setting”4. Using your Browser (Internet Explorer etc), access

User name: KX-HGT100
Password: kx-hgt100

KX-HGT100 Configuration (2)
Unit Status:

Unit has no Profile set.
Registrationis not

KX-HGT100 Configuration (3)
Network Status:

STATIC IP is set by default
Default IP:
Default Subnet Mask

KX-HGT100 Configuration (4)
LAN Connection:STATIC IP or DHCP Mode
can be selected.
(Static IP is Default = X )

NB: If you select ‘DHCP’ here, you will need to re-connect your browser using the
allocated IP address before continuing toconfigure.

KX-HGT100 Configuration (5)

Enter IP Address etc
of HGT100 here

DNS Server Address can
be added here
(not required for TDE/NCP)
After clicking ‘Save’, please power off/on the HGT-100

KX-HGT100Configuration (6)
The allocated IP address can be
checked by pressing the [i+] key on
the HGT-100.
To re-connect with a browser (after
enabling DHCP), enter the allocated
IP address)
i.e. Allocated IPaddress
After clicking ‘Save’, power off/on the

NB: When using DHCP, ensure that the PC connected to the PC-Port
is on the same network segment as theHGT-100, otherwise Internet
access from the PC will not be possible.

KX-HGT100 Configuration (7)
Username and Password:

Modifies the HTTP
Login User name
and Password from

If Idle Timeoutexpires, unit will need to be powered off/on to re-open HTTP port. (“Special” Setting)

KX-HGT100 Configuration (8)
Basic Settings:

Refer to next slide for
language parameters;
SIP Extension details...
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