Pasive Active

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1) Andrew:"Clean the blue bike!"
Andrew told me to clean the blue bike. |
2) Jessica:"Write a text message!"
Jessica told me to write a text message. |
3) Nelly:"Help Peter's sister!"
Nelly told me to help Peter's sister. |
4) Fred:"Wash your hands!"
Fred told me to wash my hands. |
5) Anna:"Open the window!"
Anna told me to open the window. |
6) Tom:"Come at 8!"
Tom toldme to come at 8. |
7) Teacher:"Do your homework!"
The teacher told me to do my homework. |
8) Doris:"Dance with me!"
Doris told me to dance with her. |
9) Sabine:"Meet Sandy at the station!"
Sabine told me to meet Sandy at the station. |
10) Victoria:"Check your e-mails!"
Victoria told me to check my e-mails. |

1) Karen:"Don't play football in the garden!"
Karen told me not toplay football in the garden. |
2) Teacher:"Don't forget your homework!"
The teacher reminded me not to forget my homework. |
3) Mike:"Don't shout at Peter!"
Mike told me not to shout at Peter. |
4) Yvonne:"Don't talk to your neighbour!"
Yvonne told me not to talk to my neighbour. |
5) Denise:"Don't open the door!"
Denise told me not to open the door. |
6) Marcel:"Don't sing thatsong!"
Marcel reminded me not to sing that song. |
7) Jane:"Don't watch the new film!"
Jane advised me not to watch the new film. |
8) Walter:"Don't ring Romy on Sunday!"
Walter told me not to ring Romy on Sunday. |
9) Lisa:"Don't fly via Paris!"
Lisa advised me not to fly via Paris. |
10) Jamie:"Don't eat so much junk food!"
Jamie reminded me not to eat so much junk food. |1) John:"Mandy is at home."
John said that Mandy was at home. |
2) Max:"Frank often reads a book."
Max told me that Frank often read a book. |
3) Susan:"I'm watching TV."
Susan said to me that she was watching TV. |
4) Simon:"David was ill."
Simon said that David had been ill. |
5) Peggy:"The girls helped in the house."
Peggy told me that the girls had helped in the house. |
6)Richard:"I am going to ride a skateboard."
Richard said to me that he was going to ride a skateboard. |
7) Stephen and Claire:"We have cleaned the windows."
Stephen and Claire told me that they had cleaned the windows. |
8) Charles:"I didn't have time to do my homework."
Charles remarked that he hadn't had time to do his homework. |
9) Mrs Jones:"My mother will be 50 years old."
MrsJones told me that her mother would be 50 years old. |
10) Jean:"The boss must sign the letter."
Jean said that the boss had to sign the letter. |
Reported Statements: Present Continuous
1. “I'm sleeping”
She told me _____________________________________________________
2. “We’re working”
She told me _____________________________________________________
3. “She's coming to theparty”
She told me _____________________________________________________
4. “He’s talking on the telephone”
She told me _____________________________________________________
5. “Lucy is reading a book in front of the fire”
She told me _____________________________________________________
6. “I'm not going out”
She said ________________________________________________________7. “We are not visiting Paris during our trip”
She said ________________________________________________________
8. “I'm listening to my new CD”
She said ________________________________________________________
9. “John is working in a bar for the summer”
She told me _____________________________________________________
10. “I'm not going to go on holiday”
She told me_____________________________________________________ © 2008
May be freely copied for personal or classroom use.
11. “He isn't living in Beijing”
She told me _____________________________________________________
12. “I’m taking the train to Berlin”
She told me _____________________________________________________
13. “He is never coming back”
She told me...
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