Pedagogia Constructivista

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DIANA: Hi Aza how you doing?
AZA: Hello Diana as well thanks and you?
DIANA: Well I won a trip!
AZA: Really? That good!
DIANA: Yes, it is for 2 people, want to join me?
AZA: Really?,Worales I do not know what to say
DIANA: That if !!!!, so go and enjoy time together.
AZA: Well alright, but where are we going?
DIANA: Well, as here I can choose the place
AZA: And where are yougoing?
DIANA: I to Las Vegas and you?
AZA: Well, I'd love to hear Hollywood
DIANA: Well, let's Hollywood
DIANA: I talk to the airport line and I reserve the hotel
AZA: It seems perfectOPERATOR (Nahomi): Hi good morning Poza Rica airport, where I can help?
DIANA: Hello, good morning I would like 2 tickets to California, please, but I'm the winner of a free trip to a place of mychoosing
OPERATOR: I allowed a second?
DIANA: Of course
OPERATOR: Hello?, I just confirmed the trip, Miss me rightly say that the ride is free return, as long as the same airline aga
DIANA: Yes, Ithink it's perfect
OPERATOR: Okay, destination California flight leaves tomorrow at 6:30 am
AZA: Hey if you want more I make the reservations at the hotel you think?
DIANA: Yes very well thenumber is 01 (784) 8432156
HOTEL L.A.: Good morning hotel L.A. that I can help?
AZA: Hello, good morning I would like to make a reservation
JONATHAN: Each room has a cost of 650 and a night at a costof 450
AZA: Yes, well I want 2 bedrooms please
JONATHAN: Like like to pay?
AZA: By credit card
JONATHAN: Okay, thank you LA hotels chain your preference, you have good day
AZA: So long! Ileft!
DIANA: Well, then we will see tomorrow at, 6:00 am do you think?
AZA: Yeah, well we are.
DIANA: How great is California
AZA: If you really believe that we come in good time the weather isbeautiful
AZA: Hey I think I'll send you an e-mail to my parents not to worry
DIANA: Yes, it's a good idea while I shower and go to eat at a restaurant


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