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A Super Spectacle
The Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl 
FEBRUARY 04, 2013
By Cameron Keady

Baltimore Ravens MVP Joe Flacco holds the Vince Lombardichampionship Trophy following his team's 34-31 win.
From start to finish, Super Bowl XLVII was an electrifying event. The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers faced off Sunday night at the championshipgame at the Superdome arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. The stadium was packed with cheering fans dressed in purple for Baltimore or red for San Francisco, all with the hope of seeing their belovedteam return home with the Vince Lombardi championship trophy. In a game that was exciting and action-packed until its final moments, there could only be one winner. The Baltimore Ravens took the win witha final score of 34-31.

Darkness falls over the New Orleans Superdome as a power outage delays the game by 34 minutes.
Baltimore took the lead in thefirst half of the game, but an unexpected power outage paused the team's progress. Without any warning, several banks of lights and scoreboards went completely dark. The blackout created a strange sceneon the field, leaving players on both teams to stretch, discuss drills, and even chat with their opponents.
After a 34-minute delay, power was restored to the Superdome, but Baltimore seemed to havelost its spark. It seemed as if a comeback for San Francisco might be possible. But in the end, Baltimore took the win. The MVP award went to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who ended the game with atotal of 287 passing yards and three touchdowns.
“I’m going to Disney World!” Flacco shouted at cameras as purple confetti rained upon the field. The celebratory phrase is an NFL tradition that isshouted out by a player on the winning Super Bowl team. Flacco went to Disney World Monday to participate in a celebratory parade in the Magic Kingdom.
Though the win was Baltimore’s, San Francisco...
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