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Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Performs skilled mechanical work in the maintenance, repair, and major overhaul of a wide variety of
diesel, gasoline, electric, and fuel powered equipment.
The Heavy Equipment Mechanic class is distinguished from the Heavy Equipment Service Technician by
the workperformed. The Heavy Equipment Service Technician performs minor repair work and servicing
of heavy, specialized, and light equipment. A Heavy Equipment Mechanic performs skilled mechanical
work in the maintenance, repair, and major overhaul of a wide variety of equipment. The Heavy
Equipment Mechanic is also distinguished from the Associate Heavy Mechanic which performs minor
overhauls andassists in a training capacity on major overhauls on automatic, standard, and hydrostatic
transmissions and internal combustion engines.
Guidelines, Difficulty and Decision Making Level:
Guidelines are generally numerous, well established and directly applicable to the work
assignment. Work assignment and desired results are explained by general oral or written
Duties assignedare generally repetitive and restricted in scope but may be of substantial
intricacy. Employee primarily applies standardized practices.
Decisions or recommendations on non-standardized situations are limited to relating
organizational policies to specific cases. Problems that are not covered by guidelines or are
without precedent are taken up with the supervisor.
Level of Supervision Receivedand Quality Review:
Under general supervision, the employee receives assignments and is expected to carry them
through to completion with substantial independence. Work is reviewed for adherence to
instructions, accuracy, completeness and conformance to standard practice or precedent.
Recurring work clearly covered by guidelines may or may not be reviewed.
Interpersonal Communications andPurpose:
Contacts with the public or employees where factual information relative to the organization or its
functions is received and relayed, or a service rendered, according to established procedures or
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
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Level of Supervision Exercised:
Performs lead work on a job by job basis, as assigned by the supervisor
Tune gasoline,diesel, and alternate fuel powered engines on light and heavy equipment utilizing all
diagnostic and measuring tools.
Complete overhaul of gas oline, diesel, and alternate fuel powered engines, major valve jobs, and
replacement of gasoline, diesel, and alternate fuel systems.
Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and repairs electronic and electrical systems including electronically controlled
engines,transmission, and fuel systems.
Diagnoses, repairs, and maintains automatic, standard, and hydrostatic transmissions in conjunction with
power take off units, clutches, drivelines, differential assemblies, and final drive units.
Diagnoses, troubleshoots, repairs, and maintains mechanical and hydraulic steering systems and
performs wheel alignments.
Diagnoses, repairs and rebuilds completehydraulic systems including hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps,
valves lines and related components.
Repairs cooling systems, performing radiator repair, replacement of cooling system components, water
pumps, shutters, and hoses.
Conducts diagnostic testing and repair on computer, batteries, alternators, starters, relay switches,
solenoids, regulators, wiring harnesses, and other relatedelectrical components.
Conducts routine and annual inspections and performs preventive maintenance on all vehicles.
Performs frame and body repairs.
Maintains records and reports.
Observes all common safety practices.
Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.
Any one position may not include all of the duties listed.
However, the allocation of positions will be determined by
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