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The reason to choose the course
Sports has always been a central part of my life, since I was five years old I started training football. I had the opportunity of being partof different football teams ranging from school

High performance sport centre

I would like to follow

"The nature of our industry requires not only book smarts,but street smarts."

• Are they dedicated to this course and have researched it well?

• Do they have a genuine interest in the subject and a desire to learn more about it?What you want to study at university and why
• Specific aspects of the courses that interest you

Coventry university provides

Relevant experience
• Is the studentsuited to the course that they are applying for?

• Does the student have the necessary qualifications and qualities for the course?

• Examples of coursework you havecompleted
• Practical work you have enjoyed
• Things you have read related to the subject area
• Work experience or voluntary work in this area
• Conferences you have attended
•Personal experiences which lead to the decision to take this subject
• Where you hope a degree in this subject will lead

Career plans
• Is the student conscientious,hardworking and unlikely to drop out?

• Will the student do their best and cope with the demands of the course?

I am writing to confirm that Mr Camilo Alfonso OrjuelaMartinez lives at the above address with my husband and myself and that he has arranged with me to provide accommodation for his cousin Mr Juan Manuel Silva Martinez to stay for theperiod of 13th February to 26th of January 2012.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me either at the above address or telephone number
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