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Assignment 1
Set 1, Chapter 1, YMC#1
In the following statement
1 Should this venture be regarded as entrepreneurial? Is the owner a true entrepreneur?
2 Do you agree with the philosophy expressed her? Is the owner really doing what is best for his family?
3 What kinds of problems is this owner trying to avoid?
Set 1, Chapter 1, EE1
* Analyze you own education and experience asqualifications for entrepreneurship. Identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses.
Set 2, Chapter 2, YMC#3
In the following Statement
1 Is the need to survive a reasonable defense for the practice described here?
2 If the practice of concealing income is widespread, as implied by the phrase “underground economy,’ is it really wrong?
Set 2, Chapter 2, EE1
* Examine a recentbusiness periodical, and report briefly on some lapse in integrity that is in the news. Could this type of problem occur in a small business? Explain.
Set 3, Chapter 3, YMC#2
In the following Statement
1 Do you think a lifetime guarantee is too generous for this kind of product? Why or Why not?
2 What impact will this policy have on quality standards in the company? Be specific.
3 Whatalternative customer service policies would you suggest?
Set 3, Chapter 3, EE5
* Interview the owner of a local small business about the venture’s performance outcomes. Find out what results were achieved, and then systematically explore how those performance outcomes have been reinvested in the business. For example, if the venture has yielded considerable customer loyalty, examine how thatcommitment has been leveraged for future results.
Set 4, Chapter 4, YMC #3
In the following Statement
1 What benefits could Finkle expect if he bought Thomas and Thomas rather than starting his own fly-fishing business?
2 What sources of information about Thomas and Thomas should he use in evaluating the company for possible purchase?
3 What no quantitative factors should he use inplacing a value on Thomas and Thomas?
Set 4, Chapter 4, EE#2
* Find a franchise advertisement in a recent issue of a business magazine. Research the franchise, and report back to the class with your findings.
Set 5, Chapter 5, YMC #2
In the following Statement
1 In view of Barry’s shortcomings, should Harrison Stevens seriously consider him as a potential successor?
2 How could Barrybe motivated? Can Stevens do anything more to improve the situation, or does the responsibility lie with Barry?
3 How could the quality of Barry’s supervision be improved to make his work experience more productive?
Set 5, Chapter 5, EE4
* Interview another college student who has grown up in a family business about parental attitudes toward his or her possible entry into the business.Submit a one-page report describing the extent of pressure on the student to enter the family business and the direct or indirect ways in which family expectations have been communicated.
Set 6, Chapter 6, YMC #2
In the following Statement
1 What are the most urgent questions you would want the marketing plan to answer?
2 What details would you look for in the management plan?
3 Do youthink this entrepreneur would need to raise closer to $1 million or $10 million in startup capital? Why?
4 At first glance, would you consider the opportunity potentially attractive? Why or Why not?
Set 6, Chapter 6, EE4
* Interview a person who has started a business within the past five years. Prepare a report describing the extent to which the entrepreneur engaged in preliminaryplanning and his or her views about the value of business plans.
Set 7, Chapter 7, YMC #3
In the following Statement
1 What target market or markets can you identify for Wilson? How could she forecast sales for her service in each market?
2 What advantage does her business have over existing grooming businesses?
3 What business name and promotional strategy would you suggest that Wilson...
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