Plastic surgery

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April 21, 2010

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Plastic Surgery

Do you remember the slim girl that worked with your dad whenyou were a child?. Well she wasn´t that skinny before she went through plastic surgery and changed to be the cute girl she is now. It is important to know about plastic surgery because it is aphenomenon now-a-days, so common that you would never know when people have had plastic surgery or not. It may be hard for you to understand why and how people do it, and why you some time wish you can changesome part of you and your body. Plastic surgery could be done both because you medical need it or because you are not comfortable with your appearance. First off I would like to give you a little ofbackground of plastic surgery so then I can go deeper on the causes and effects of plastic surgery. Then I will illustrate how this concept is present in the real world today.

So we canunderstand this topic, first let’s have a little background about plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has been made since year 8000 BC in Egypt and India, this has been proved by a papyrus found by the researcherEdwin Smith where is it written the first medical operations where the nose have been modificated in different situations. A recent story of the first person benefited from plastic surgery is WalterYeo a British Soldier that received a skin graft because of injuries made in the war in one of the battles.

Now let me start talking about the causes why people uses plastic surgery. One cause ofplastic surgery, is the necessity of making it because your body needs it so it can work better. For example when having a tumor or a problem in your nose and you need a nose job for better breathing. You first have to identify if it is a physic anormality and/or of it decreases your life quality.

Another cause and i think the most common , is the vanity of the people now a days, because...
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