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How to update your computer with the JPEG processing (GDI+) security update
Published: September 14, 2004 | Updated: September 21, 2005
The GDI+ security update for September 2004 addresses asecurity issue in JPEG processing technology. This issue affects software that supports this image format, including some versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. If you have either softwareinstalled on your computer, you should install the related update. Depending on the software you are using, you may need to install multiple updates from multiple locations.
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Important: Windows XP ServicePack 2 (SP2) is not affected by the GDI+ issue, and installing Windows XP SP2 eliminates the GDI+ issue in affected Microsoft developer tools and imaging software. However, Windows XP SP2 users may haveother Microsoft software installed that requires updating. If you use Windows XP SP2 and Microsoft Office, please visit the Office Update Web site to scan your computer for needed updates.
Check theversion
If you are not sure whether the software you are running is affected, get instructions on how to check the version.
For users of Windows XP, Windows XP SP1, or Windows Server 2003: UseMicrosoft Update
The Microsoft Update Web site provides updates for affected versions of Windows, the .NET Framework, and Internet Explorer, a component of Windows.
Check for updates on MicrosoftUpdate
For Office users: Use Office Update
The Office Update Web site provides updates for affected Office programs.
Check for updates on Office Update
Get important updates automatically
Users ofthe latest versions of Microsoft Windows can configure their operating systems to automatically download and install important updates. To learn more about how to enable Automatic Updates, visit the...
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