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This topic will discuss about the products and services of Porsche. First we will approach the products portfolio and then we will discuss about the services portfolio.

Products portfolio

Bellow we are going to define the products portfolio of Porsche. The source is the web site: www.porsche.com

Boxter S
Boxter Spyder
Cayman S
Cayman R
|911Carrera |911 Carrera S |
|911 Carrera Cabriolet |911 Carrera S Cabriolet |
|911 Carrera 4 |911 Carrera 4S |
|911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet |911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet |
|911 Carrera GTS |911 Carrera GTSCabriolet |
|911 Targa 4 |911 Targa 4S |
|911 Turbo |911 Turbo S |
|911 Turbo Cabriolet |911 Turbo S Cabriolet |
|911 GT3 |911 GT3 RS |
|911 GT2 RS|911 Speedster |

Panamera 4
Panamera S
Panamera 4S
Panamera Turbo
Cayenne Diesel
Cayenne S
Cayenne S Hybrid
Cayenne Turbo


The topics bellow will deline the analyses of the company Porsche. The analysys that we will make are: SWOT analysis, industry segmentation and the five forces ofMichael Porter.

1 SWOT analysys

According to Maximiano (2006) “the analysis of the external environment is one of the columns of the strategic planning. The more competitive, unstable and complex is the environment, bigger is the necessity to analyze it.”. This definition is truth, when you believe that the organizations are open systems that can, and are, influenced of the externalenvironment.
The first step on the process of strategic planning is identifying the environment factors that could influence the company performance. These factors are nominated as: political factor, economical factor, sociological factor, technological factor, environmental factor and law factor.
Also, Maximiano (2006), defines the internal analysis as the “identification of strengths and weaknessesinside an organization walk in parallel with the environment analysis”. The study of strengths and weaknesses of the organization is realized by the analysis of the functional areas of an organization (production, marketing, human resources and financial), and the comparison of companies performance with the competitors (benchmarking).
We have three basic tools to make the internal analysis of acompany. S.W.O.T analysis, BCG matrix and “Product life cycle”. In this project we will just work with the S.W.O.T analysis.
The SWOT analysis is a structure tool used on the internal environment analysis for strategy formulation. This tool allows identify the strengths and weakness of a company, and guessing the opportunities and threats of the organization. According to Value Based Management(2007), strengths and weakness are internal factors of value creation (or destruction) as: assets, skills or resources to a company have at its disposal, in relation to its competitors.
In the other side, opportunities and threats are external factors of value creation, with the company can not control, but them appear from competitive dynamics of market as demographic, economic, political,technological, social or legal.
The following chart will give visual idea of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:

source: developed by the authors.

The strengths that we identified are:

Strong brand positioning – Porsche is one of the most prestigious brand at the car market. Long history make the brand one of the most traditional, trustfully, safety with a technological...
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