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AC Power For Business-Critical Continuity™

Liebert® NX™

UPS Power Solution for Small and Medium Data Centers

Key benefits K b fi Flexibility Solution provides UPS, matching battery cabinet and bypass/distribution cabinet, enabling fast and reliable powering of new racks and growing computing loads Softscale technology allows increased UPS capacity without changes to your infrastructureEasily add matching battery cabinets for greater runtime Compatible with the Liebert FS Flywheel Solution for use with or in place of traditional batteries UPS modules can be paralleled for capacity and/or redundancy with the optional paralleling cabinet Higher Availability True on-line double conversion UPS ensures reliable, clean power f sensitive IT equipment l for iti i t Built-in internalbypass and wrap around maintenance bypass allows preventive maintenance and service without having to power down IT loads

Rapid and unpredictable growth in fast-paced data centers makes it challenging to protect critical network equipment and other electronic components. Liebert NX with Softscale is the Softscale™ solution. Liebert NX with Softscale is a true on-line, double conversion, three-phaseUPS that delivers complete, centralized power protection for mission-critical systems. Designed to meet the high availability power needs of a wide variety of IT applications, this power solution delivers advanced operating features and low cost of ownership. dl t f hi

Advanced Ntegrated Monitoring from Liebert Services provides 24x7x365 proactive diagnostics and trending analysis to trackunit health and capacity 1 year full parts and labor warranty features 24 hour on-site service provided by the largest and most experienced service organization in the industry Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Eco-Mode high efficiency configuration (up to 97%) saves on energy spending Soft-switching technology enables the same high efficiency at 40% utilization as at 100% utilization Digital signalprocessor control technology increases reliability through reduced component count while enhancing efficiency and waveform accuracy to maximize operating life of sensitive IT equipment

Ideal Applications Small to mid-size data centers (10-30 racks) High density blade deployments High performance clusters IT systems experiencing unpredictable change t i i di t bl h

Liebert NX UPS System is theRight Solution for Growing Data Centers

Liebert NX UPS On-line, double conversion UPS with Softscale™ technology allows you to pay for only the capacity you need today; as your needs change, a simple software upgrade allows you to grow from 40kVA to 60kVA to 80kVA; or from 80kVA to 100kVA to 120kVA.

Liebert NX Bypass Distribution Matching cabinet bolts directly t i ht id f di tl to rightside of the UPS. It features a keyed interlocked bypass breaker, optional voltage transformation and output distribution with panelboards or subfeed breakers.

The Liebert NX UPS System combines l d h b b leading edge d technology, matched system components, an easy ordering process, and unsurpassed support. The result is a solution that perfectly powers growing data centers.

Support fromInstallation Through Operation Installation, Maintenance Installation Maintenance, Service and Reporting from Emerson Network Power factory-trained service professionals — your assurance that Liebert NX operates reliably. One Year Free Service with Ntegrated Monitoring from Liebert Services Ntegrated Monitoring from Liebert Services incorporates advanced monitoring and leading network security toprovide an integrated approach to alarm management, equipment maintenance and emergency service response. • 24x7x365 proactive remote diagnostic and trend analysis to track unit health and capacity Centralized monitoring by the Liebert Services High Availability Response Center (HARC) with service dispatch to diagnose and respond to potential problems Combined remote and on-site service Easy to read...
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