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61. ralh is at a retaurant and he has been waiting for a long time. Acording to the picture.
A. he seems to be anxious, and she is desperate.
B. he seems to be resigned, andshe is cool.
C. she is annoyed, and he seems to be serene.
D. she is worried,and he seems to be upset.

62. mike is cooking dinner. He might be.
A. criying because he cut his finger.
B.shouting because the food burnt.
C. moaning because he burnt his finger.
D. screaming because the gog bit his finger.

the story of Santa Claus began with a king bishop namaed SaintNicholas. He
lived during the fourth century in what is now Turkey. He often gave presents to
children and poor people in secred. One day he heard about three young
sisters. They were poor, lived alone,and had nothing to eat. So he climbed up
on their roof, and propped three bags of golp down their chimney. The legend
of this good saint and his generosity grew. Now, children believe that SantaClaus
lives at the North pole with his wife and his reindeer. This friendly old man
wears a red coat and black boots, and has a long white beard. Over the
centuries he has come to be consideredmagical and a symbol of Chrismas time.

63. a proper title for this reading would be.
A. Santa Claus and Christmas beliefs.
B. Christmas traditions and Santa Claus stories.
C. Traditionalstories at Christmas time.
D. History of, and beliefs about Santa Claus.
64. An important idea that could be taken from the reading is.
A. For many years Santa Claus has helped people, and hebecame important around the world in this era.
C. for a few years Santa Claus has given presents to poor people, so that they will consider him a generous man.
65. According to the reading, this is.A. an account about stories of people at Christmas time.
B. a summary of events about Santa Claus’ life.
c. a tale about anecdotes of people at Christmas time.
D. an abstract of Santa...
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