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hello how are you, well hopefully not as good hahaha hehehe good start and know that I love you a great friend andgood you want to discuss what I did on my vacation.
Good because I was the dance of the original band and the lemon hat blowsI walked grabbing the redhead...
I had no desire to go but my ma was eager to go and told me not to leave her alone and thenin truth at the same time as if he had wanted to go and be with oh but while the other bands played that boring but phew andwhen he began to play the original I spend my time flying to and to see my boyfriend lorenzo woho of man I like that if I weremarried and would not let him go to the corner that just do not stain but hey man only a small illusion have my boyfriend butnot the same as I settle jiji well you already know my relationship with my boyfriend and you know it's not very good but aswe say to and we jijiji
Also went to see has-a and ash that was amazing father and from a miracle if I go with my boyfriendand that's because almost cut and had to look good jiji jiji but was cute thanks for listening and hopefully you and your alsothe amazing past in your holiday love you please never change thousand... I love you

ATT: Maria Janet Trujillo Frausto
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