Problems with written in english in adolescents

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Problems with written in English in adolescents
When writing grammatically correct sentences, there are four main problems you must focus on. When you are trying to write a sentence, there are manythings to consider. Obviously you need to have something to write about. But you want to make sure that your reader understands what you are trying to say. Your sentence must be grammatically correct.Often times when we are speaking, we say things that might not be correct, grammatically speaking. Usually as long as you correct your mistakes, your listener will not have a problem understandingyou. However, when you are writing, you clearly have more time to think about what you want to say than if you were speaking. This is why your sentences need to be correct.
Your reader must be ableto understand the point you want to get across and not have to translate if your sentences are not formed correctly.
So here are four common mistakes people make when writing, and the way torecognize when you have made a mistake.
1. Sentence Fragments
These are ways to make sure that your sentence is complete and understandable to your readers.
a. Find the Subject
The studentfelt nervous before the speech. Thought about leaving the room.
Thought about leaving the room is a sentence fragment because there is no Subject in it. The question you should ask yourself whenwriting a sentence like this, is " WHO thought about leaving the room?"
b. Find the Verb
Many scientists such as Einstein think in strange ways.
Many Scientists think instrange ways, Einstein for example.
c. Avoid "cliff hangers"/danger words
Here is the incorrect way first -
1. If you come home.
2. When the rain falls.
Now here they are correctly formed -
1.If you come home, remember to buy laundry soap
2. When the rain falls, it always floods the basement.
2. Run-on Sentences
A "run-on sentence" is 2 or more simple sentences that do not have...
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